​Digital Collimator with Software CT-001

CTTN's Collimator combines unique software to make your calibration easier and faster.


This product integrates computer technology, image processing and electronic optics as an advanced photoelectric measuring device.


It has the unparalleled convenience and superiority of traditional Collimator. 

Product Application

Mainly used for the Laser optical equipment production、installation、calibration、inspection.

  • Laser Level、Auto Level、Theodolite、Total Station production, calibration or routine maintenance


  • Angle measurement and reference alignment of the Laser optical equipment crosshairs and laser point


  • Instrument sales company, optical instrument repair station, pre-sale and post-sale inspection and calibration services.

Product Adventages

It is efficient than normal Collimator to use our product as combine with our special software.

  • Display numbers in digital form >>Help you build scientific reports.


  • Using electronic reticle>>Set 1” to 100”/grid the scale value of the electronic reticle, it is 30 times more than normal Collimator.



  • Powerful software>>The calibration speed is increased by more than 50%.


Compared with the traditional actual distance target station, it can effectively reduce the space by more than 85%.

3x Digital Collimators to Align The straightness of Line Laser Module

Adjusting or inspecting the straightness of laser line to make sure the precision of Line Laser Module before integrated to final product such as Laser level.

Product Features 

  1. Using 3 of 550mm focal length digital collimator with high distinct camera

  2. High speed for Line Laser adjustment. 

  3. Automatic calculation of Laser curvature. 

  4. Software shows the instructions for curvature adjustment. 

  5. 4 times faster than others product

  6. 5 times better precision 

  7. Doing Collimator calibration only for 1 min

  8. 90% less space than traditional 5m target station.

  9. Using digital scale reticle to make the image more bigger and clear

  10. Unique Laser Alignment software.


  • To practice Laser curvature adjustment only need 30secs

  • Doing Laser curvature calibration only need few second

  • Calibrate Line Laser module samples in 1 minute and keep them staying good in all time

  • Display the brightness value and width value of the laser to determine the laser beam quality

  • Computer storage data, providing research and production analysis

  • Setting different acceptable quality level for each Line Laser Module or customer request

Automatic Navigation Line Collimation Adjustment Equipment

CTTN-LLM-ANLCAE (Production Use)

CTTN-LLM-ANLCAE is part of the product series developed by Constance Technology to adjust laser spot focus, concentric circles, line collimation and laser angle. The main functions are to adjust the line straightness of laser modules including development of the line collimation, analyses of the line collimation, acceptance of line collimation; development of the line width, analysis of the line width, acceptance of the line width; development of line brightness, analyses of line brightness, acceptance of the line brightness and etc.

CTTN-LLM-ANLCAE can be used immediately without any hardware calibration or adjustment before operation.

Design Fundamentals

1.  A digital parallel-hole collimator equipment measures angle of three lights; the left beam, middle beam and right beam of a laser line to images through electronic eyepiece.

2.  Complicated mathematical algorithm calculated by computer on optical image captive, filter, color separation to obtain central value of laser line.

3.  Then calculates the line straightness via algorithm from laser dot light source to line light source and automatically guide the operator to adjust the laser module to zero deviation or acceptable line straightness.


1.       Manufacturers of line laser module for 120゜laser levels production use or QC before shipments. Manufacturers of 120゜laser levels IQC use.

2.       Manufacturers of line laser module for 360゜laser levels production use or QC before shipments. Manufacturers of 120゜laser levels use IQC (customization available) use.

3.       Manufacturers of line laser module for medical devices production use.

4.       Manufacturers of line laser module for military devices production use.

5.       Manufacturers of line laser module for biotechnology devices production use.

6.       Manufacturers of line laser module for 3D printer and scanning devices production use.

7.       Manufacturers of line laser module for DOE (Diffractive Optical Elements) devices production use.

8.       Manufacturers of laser levels, laser theodolite and laser total station production (customization available) use.

9.       Manufacturers of high precision line laser module production use.

10.    High precision line laser modules related device R&D use.

Digital Auto Wire Connecting Terminal

Automatically clip in the test wires to the clamp or remove from it. Single hand operated no muss to hold such as alligator clips in one hand and wires in the other. This production process might appear simple but in the industry monthly capacity over 100000 pcs to save 3~4 seconds per pc is considerable working hours cutting. The tool is the best Return On Investment ever.

Product Features 

  • Single hand operation to increase production efficiency​

  • Hassle free from manual connecting wires by tools such as alligator clip.

  • Pull out the wires the clamp will lose them automatically.

  • Adjustable clamping force secure the wire in position when testing.

  • MCU  employed to control desired force.


Laser module production


LED module production


Electromagnet production


IRCUT module production


Buzzer production