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1995                       Constance Technology founded

1996~1997            First generation of touchscreen tester

                                Wireless handwriting input device

1998                       Wireless handwriting input device with                                       changeable pictures

2003~2004            Second generation of touchscreen tester

                                Resistive touch Controller

2005~2006            LCD signature capture device

                                Table top three-axis robot

2007                       Floor top multi touchscreen tester

2008                       Third generation touchscreen tester

                                Multi languages handwriting input device

2009                       CNC high speed engraving machine

                                Resistive touch pad

2010                       Capacitive touchscreen tester

                                Resistive multi touch touchscreen tester

2011~2012            Capacitive multi touch touchscreen tester

2013~2015            Optical collimator

2016~2018            120°line laser module adjusting machine

                                360°line laser module adjusting machine

                                Auto testing wires connecting terminal 

2019~2020            Digital Collimator with software

2021~2023            Laser Levels Electronic Compensator

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